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David K. Weber, MD - Psychiatrist, Specialties in Aerospace Medicine, Forensics, TBI, and Pain.

Dr. David Weber, MD is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist. He specializes in the evaluation and treatment of Depression, ADHD and emotional disorders. He is an award winning psychiatrist and spent 24 years serving in US government service. He was awarded the Resident/Fellow of the year in 2007 for Walter Reed Army Hospital and Bethesda Naval Hospital among 435 residents and Fellows. He has taught at 4 medical schools and was awarded the Resident Teacher of the Year at USUHS in 2007.    

Dr. Weber was a Naval Aviator (pilot) for 7 years with combat time over Northern Iraq in 1991-2 prior to earning his MD in 1997. He Interned at Bethesda Naval Hospital before being selected for a Master Degree year at Harvard University. He completed Residency and Board Certification in Aerospace and Preventive Medicine. He was selected to serve the Marines as a Flight Surgeon and Pilot/Physician before completing an additional Residency in Psychiatry. He deployed twice to combat as a Psychiatrist. He was the director of a large hospital in Japan where he supervised 240 staff in 8 departments including ER, Pediatrics, ICU and mental health before pursing a Fellowship in Forensic (legal) Psychiatry from Georgetown Medical School in Washington, DC. He assisted in the development of the Traumatic Brain Injury Center (NICOE 1) at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Dr. Weber has extensive experience in Brain Injury assessment. He has evaluated and treated patients in general medicine, traumatic brain injury, and psychiatry. He was most recently the director of Pain Medical Psychiatry for the US Navy with medically complex integrated patients with co-occurring pain and mental health issues. 


Eve G. Weber, Ph.D. - Clinical Psychologist, Specialties in Neuropsychology, Child Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Training, and Hypnosis

Dr. Eve Weber is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology credentialed in Adult and Child Psychology with additional Fellowships in Child Maltreatment and Neuropsychology, She holds licensure in Hawaii, Texas and Virginia. Dr Weber was a classroom teacher and school administrator prior to pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology. She hold's a Master's degree in Education Administration. She was an extern in Cognitive Behavioral Training and part of the research team at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Belmont, Massachusetts. She completed fellowship in Child Maltreatment at Kapiolani Child Protection Center with Kapiolani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii. She completed training and is certifed in Clinical Hypnosis. In addition, she completed a two year fellowship in Neuropsychology In New York City, New York under the supervision of Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg. She has worked as a Complex Psychologist with the Honolulu, Hawaii School District and Unit Psychologist with Hawaii State Hospital, Kaneohe, Hawaii. She has been in private practice in McLean, Great Falls, and Williamsburg, Virginia. She elected to serve the country as a US Naval Medical Officer, Clinical Psychologist in 2006. She served with the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia, then relocated to Japan to serve as the sole psychologist for Education Developmental Intervention Services for Okinawa and Korea. She deployed to a combat area in the Middle East to serve with the Expeditionary Medical Forces. After leaving active duty service she joined the Department of State in Washington DC. utilizing worldwide telehealth. She has initiated an award winning radio talk show to address Mental Health Stigma over the American Forces Network and local US channels. She was the subject matter expert on the development of VA/DoD evidence based clinical practice guidelines on suicide prevention. She has lectured worldwide on Cognitive Behavioral Training, , Hypnosis, Sleep Disorders, Pain, ADHD, Combat Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Bullying/Hazing, and Suicide Prevention. 


Hermes, PhDog and Athena, PhDog – Therapeutic Support Specialist

The simple act of petting an animal can release a potent cocktail of relaxing hormones. It may also lower blood pressure and improve physical health. Inspired by emerging research pointing
to the many benefits of time with animals, our practice incorporates our 2 Therapeutic support specialist, Hermes (10yo Silky Terrier from Okinawa, Japan) and Athena (5 yo PBGV from Williamsburg, Virginia) upon request. Our two specialist maintain current immunization and health records. Grooming is upheld to the highest standards. In addition, their breeds have little to no hair loss and are consider “hypoallergenic”. A therapy animal is distinct from a service animal, which performs specific tasks for a person with a disability. It is also not the same as an emotional support animal, which provides companionship and support to a person with mental or physical health issues. Therapy animals undergo training to ensure they can safely and positively interact with people. Our specialists can be a catalyst for therapeutic breakthroughs. They may ease the minds of anxious children and adults and serve as an additional tool for connection in therapy. Research suggests that spending time with Therapeutic Support Animals may:

Lower anxiety
Decrease blood pressure
Improve pain management
Assist people with dementia in recalling memories
Slow breathing

They are available to join sessions upon request.

Hillary Scheller

Office Manager


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