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Atlas Neuro Therapy is a Mental Health comprehensive practice with Clinical Psychologist and Psychiatrist in Dripping Springs, Texas

A psychology and psychiatric comprehensive treatment service located in Dripping Springs, Texas. A private, confidential mental health service that does NOT use electronic medical record and thus your privacy is controlled by you.

Your Goals, Your Pace; Not pressured by insurers time limitations

Alpha Neuro Therapy is a specialty private fee-for-service practice that focuses on brain functioning and mental wellness. Utilizing expertise in how symptoms are related to brain structures and physiological systems; we work with you to investigate medical reasons for your symptoms while engaging in treatment with both therapy and use of medications when appropriate.  We are doctors of Clinical Psychology (PhD) with specialty/fellowship in Neuropsychology and Psychiatrist  (Medical Doctor) with Board Certification in Psychiatry/Neurology and Forensic Fellowship, working with you in a team approach to address physiological, psychological and emotional issues.


MAY 2020



Initial Evaluation

This is the time for a structured exam to evaluate issues and concerns. Individualized goals are established at this time.

Followup Treatment

According to established individualized treatment goals from initial evaluation, treatment dates and times are established. 

Telehealth Followup

After initial evaluation you and your provider may determine followups sessions occur in office or via on-line telehealth platform.

Testing , Evaluation  & Assessment

Recommended after initial evaluation or you present to the practice via a referral for evaluation to assist in the establishment of a diagnosis.




Atlas Neuro Therapy works the way a traditional Mental Health practice does. To schedule an initial 15 min consultation, simply call or email us. Dr. Eve Weber, our director of Clinical Services, will schedule a telephone or on-line meeting with you to discuss what you are experiencing and to determine whether we can serve you adequately.

Contact: you can use the RED button below for secure contact and information or you can email the director at eve.weber@atlasneurotherapy.com .

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