Atlas Neuro Therapy

Dripping Springs, Texas

    Comprehensive Mental Health Treatment

 Psychology and Psychiatry with TMS

Dr. Eve Weber, Phd - Limited availability

Telehealth appointments are available and IN-CLINIC appointments are available depending on clinical indications. If Telehealth visit is scheduled: you will be sent an email/text from our telehealth platform, prior to your appointment to connect with you scheduled provider. 

TMS patients will be seen in the office for treatment following all CDC guidelines.


Unburden yourself:

   * We treat depression, worry, attention...all of it

   * Spa-like office

   * Professional Medication management

   * Professional PhD Clinical Psychologist treatment

   * DRUG-FREE FDA approved Depression Treatment

      -NeuroStar Transcranial Stimulation

        THIS office has sustained 100% of TMS patients

        achieving full remission of Depression Symptoms

        in 36 sessions (9 months of patients)

Dr. David Weber, MD: Taking new patients on case by case basis - call for screening

TMS Non Drug Treatment: WAIT LIST (January 2021)

Now offering Transformational Treatment for Depression: Neurostar Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has helped many people who have continued to struggle with depression even when using antidepressant medications. 

  • Over 1.7 million treatment provided

  • Non-drug and non-invasive

  • FDA cleared


Atlas Neuro Therapy is a Mental Health comprehensive practice

with a Psychiatrist and a Clinical Psychologist.     

200 Benney Lane, Suite B   Dripping Springs, Texas 78620  512/774-8531

This Psychiatric and Psychological comprehensive service (including TMS) is located in the Austin/Dripping Springs, Texas area. Atlas Neuro Therapy is a private, confidential mental health service that does NOT use electronic medical records and thus increasing your privacy, which is controlled by you.

Your Goals, Your Pace

Initial Evaluation

This is the time for a structured exam to evaluate issues and concerns. Individualized goals are established at this time.

Followup Treatment

According to established individualized treatment goals from initial evaluation, treatment dates and times are established. 

Telehealth Followup

After initial evaluation you and your provider may determine followups sessions occur in office or via on-line telehealth platform.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Spa Like office setting. Recommended for Treatment Resistant Depression. Neurostar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment is often covered by insurance, yet can be started on the same day in this practice by Dr. David Weber, our Psychiatrist if fee for service "out of network".


Contact Us

Atlas Neuro Therapy works the way a traditional Mental Health practice does. To schedule an initial 15 min consultation, simply call or email us.

Our office manager, Hillary Quillin will schedule a telephone or on-line meeting with you to discuss what you are experiencing and to determine whether we can serve you adequately.

Contact:  email our office manager at or call 512/774-8531

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